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Google AdWords is mature advertising platform with more than 18 years old history. In earlier days, it has become the standard for keyword-based advertising. However, we are talking about the future of AdWords.

So what is next to Adwords?

There will be less focus on keywords based marketing and focusing on emotions and understanding moments of customers to identifying prospective customers to especial tailored auto ads. Who is seeing the ads, what is his/her emotions in that specific moments and what is his/her plan for that moment. If she talks with her friend about what night-dress will be she dress in her sister wedding party or he just save some screenshots from dresses from Instagram automatically ads related to wedding dress and night dresses will be generated and shown to that person and because this process is completely programmatic and automatic so there will be less concern about the privacy issues that may rise with using this methods and technology to understand moments of customers.

Next things in Adwords is about more usage of Artificial intelligence (AI) and rational analytics of images taken by phone. Analysing photos videos and voice messages uploaded to google photo and calls and short messages to define exactly what is this customers needs at this specific time and send them much accurate matchable ads as possible.

Using blockchain technology for confirming the authenticate click of ads will be the next things in digital advertising of Google Adwords.

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