SEO vs. Google Ads

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SEO for websites

SEO means site optimization for search engines and the way in which it tries to optimize a particular site or page for specific keywords, so if someone searches for those specific keywords, your site will appear in top-level search results. To be Certainly, if this happens, you can reach a huge number of your targeted customers, so why pay for advertising on Google and not pay a visit to the site instead?
The fact is that if a site can search through SEO in top rankings, then targeted customers can be targeted to the site without spending Google advertising, but if we want to answer more specialized: SEO is a costly and cost-effective task. In the high ratings you need to spend, sometimes you need to spend millions of dollars to appear in your highly competitive keywords so the site appears on the front page, but in your top-ups with a low investment you can also search for the top results. The topic then is that SEO is a time consuming issue and can take months to focus on specific keywords in the event of repeated activity and use of special techniques to appear in the results, if you can appear on Google's front page whenever you like in Google's way. . Another very important point is that the range of keywords in the SEO is limited, for example, suppose you are in the field of watches and your site is also in the phrase "buy the clock" through the SEO at the top, but you By Google Adwords, in addition to "buying the clock," you can put yourself in terms such as selling watches, watches, men's watches, women's watches and tens or hundreds of other key words, and as you can see, the range of keywords in Google ads can be so much.

Get Google Ads Trust Factor

Another issue is that Google's users and searchers have become accustomed to Google ads, and actually Google's advertisers are well-known companies in the field who pay for their business. So there's a psychological burden on Google searchers who trust your business with Google ads.
The above can be concluded. Certainly, SEO and attempting to rank high on Google are naturally the subject to be considered and included in one of the marketing plans of each company, but alongside that ad on Google as a bridge and way The shortcut can make your business as targeted as possible as soon as possible for your business.

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