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How to create compelling offers that no sane prospect could refuse

Remember the movie “The Godfather”? Don Corleone says, “I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Well, this simple concept is the backbone of any successful sales proposition.
Copywriter Yanik Silver reveals 3 great ways to create an irresistible offer:

Using the bonus pile-on.

The famous Ginsu knife infomercials stacked on bonus after bonus until the TV viewer had to place an order.
It made you think about how much value you were getting for such a low price. That’s the power of the “bonus pile-on.”

Make prospects take action now!

A lot of people are procrastinators. That’s why it’s important to announce a deadline or scarcity factor to make prospects take action now. If your prospects believe an offer will be around forever, there’s no reason to act on it now.

100% no-risk guarantee

Finally, Make your deal as risk-free as possible. Nobody wants to make a mistake and be stuck with something that doesn’t deliver as promised. Lift the risk from the prospect and place it squarely on your shoulders. Make a bold guarantee and make it for as long as possible.


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