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Shop in home is an online platform for all manufacturers and freelancers who has skills or product for sell. Talented freelancers and product manufacturing which can add value to customers all over the world are welcome to this free platform.

This platform is free to join and you have many advantage with comparing to similar platforms.

1-Zero Commission

First in Shop in home you do not have to pay commission fee for working as freelancer. All hard-earned payment will transfer to your account as soon as you finish the task and get customer satisfaction.

Your earning is in your pocket with no deduction. Regular payment gateway fees applied as for processing fee.

2-You done service you will get payment

You get payment as soon as you deliver your service or product. In addition you get your payment as soon as you get customer satisfaction. This means the payment will be in your account as soon as you done the task and get your customer satisfaction.

In extraordinary situation when any dispute happen then may our resolution center will be judge about quality of tasks you done and the payment payout conditions but in most case buyer and seller will agree as customer satisfaction is the main priority for us as well as for our freelancer teams.

SEO shop in home ecommerce marketplace1 300x300 - Advantages of Shop in home Platform for Freelancers and Producers?

Bringing in new customers is a critical part of business success. And one of the best ways customers find you is through Shopinhome boosting service.


 3- Cross functionality benefits between industries

Further more Shop in home platform is open for other businesses like manufacturing and other industries. Many projects and tasks can arise in this area when a business man catch one skills of an freelancers which can satisfy his needs. If businesses needs a website, SEO services, logo design, advertising, SMS bulk advertising, email advertising and so far he can easily and comfortably can choose many services from freelancers and get in touch with them. Many businesses need professionals to grow their businesses and freelancers can get benefit of this cross functionality of platform and get in touch with new businesses and grow their businesses, offer them website, application, promote their business profiles and products and further more finding new life run customers.

 4-Local leads as well as international leads

We design our website in a way it can emphasize on local as well as internationally make you seen in international listing. It is easy and permitted that people get in contact by phone and pay on delivery.

5-Build trust and reputation with verified reviews over tasks

As the Commission is zero from freelancer side and very small fee from buyer there is no interest for buyer and seller to do things out of the Shop in home as you get review and trust and this trust is much more beneficial for you than very small fee for covering expanses.

With nature of website you can focus to your skills and brand your name and contacts. in this why you will be see in crowd and Crowd Sell as our Shop in Home native android mobile application can help you in this regards further more.


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