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I have a WordPress site, what services is available for WordPress SEO?

WordPress is the most popular website maker in the world and is also very popular in United States . Contrary to what many people assume, WordPress is not a good SEO in itself, and using multiple extensions and heavy templates can cause serious SEO issues. Fortunately, there is a special SEO WordPress service that solves all the internal SEO issues of your website. By this service usually your website speed increased, and the site is optimized for SEO structure and format. For a more detailed description check this page: WordPress SEO service.

Can Google Rank 1 Only With Backlinks?

Backlinks have always been Google's most important ranking factor. Although Google's factors have grown enormously these days, this has not diminished the importance of backlinks. Backlinks are still the most important SEO factor, but nowadays Google besides backlinks also take into account other factors such as user experience, internal SEO, site speed, quality content and more. So if your site is an ideal site with high quality content, definitely a backlink can be the missing link to rank your site on Google.

Should I order an ad report or buy a backlink?

Ad reporting is also actually done because of backlinks. The report contains a text and article on the subject of the activity and keywords and is published on the relevant sites, but the importance of the report is that the keywords within the article are linked to your site. Since the report backlink comes from a text that is completely related to the keywords, it can be very important. We usually run backlinks and reporting services in combination with executive campaigns for clients.

How long is the backlink impact?

In general, it should be borne in mind that SEO is a very time-consuming matter, and it is not something to do with SEO today and wait for its results tomorrow in Google rankings. Usually SEO plans should be planned for 6 months and a year. Backlinks are no exception and their effect can last from 1 to 3 to 4 months after implementation. During this time, the site must be active and constantly producing high quality content. Special attention should also be paid to the issue of internal SEO and site speed.

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