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Perhaps, if you read a few articles in this regard, the word "online marketing" has been heard as digital marketing. But I think the mere use of the term "online marketing" can not expand the scope of this area, and sometimes I think it is possible even for some time to use the term "online marketing".

In a general definition, digital marketing includes a set of all tools and activities that are used to market digital-based products and services (the Web, the Internet, mobile, or other digital gadgets).

But as I continue to believe that such definitions can not illustrate the reality and extent of this area, I thought that instead of being able to define it directly, it would be better to know all the techniques and tools that are under the heading of digital marketing. they take.

So, in this article, I have tried to address the issue of digital marketing marketing through 11 steps. Certainly, each of these steps requires more detailed and specialized training, but I have tried to highlight the points that are key to each step.

In this article, you will be faced with the following steps.

  • You can go directly to the appropriate step by selecting any of the following sections:
  • Step 1 - Business Strategy
  • Step 2 - Create a site or app
  • Step 3 - SEO
  • Step 4 - Banner Advertising
  • Step 5 - Clicker Systems
  • Step 6 - Classified Websites
  • Step 7 - Advertising on Google
  • Step 8 - Email Marketing
  • Step 9 - Social Networking
  • Step 10 - Optimize Conversion Rate
  • Step 11 - Data Analysis
  • Step 12 - patience and perseverance

Step 1 - Internet Business Strategy
Perhaps this step is not just one of the steps of digital marketing and relates to digital marketing efforts, but it is still important and will affect your marketing activities. The point to ask is which strategy you use to make money online.

To make money online, there are 4 general strategies. All strategies can run on a site or mobile app:

1- Sales:
The sales strategy is the most used monetization platform of the Internet. In fact, you can sell and earn money from any physical or virtual goods that you can sell on the Internet. All the online stores are in this category, as well as virtual storefiles and stores, as well as sales sites and other … Also included in this category.

2- Service
This case also constitutes a large part of the Internet-based platform today. All sites that offer services to their users such as design and SEO companies, consulting companies, hosting companies, and more.

  1. Adsorption
    This item is related to sites that have a large audience and use this power to earn revenue by attracting ads from companies and other sites. For example, all the entertainment sites that make money through ads are ranked in this category. Of course, some believe that sites in this category should also be placed under the category of services.
  2. Cooperation in sales
    In this way, known as the Marketplace, you select products or services from a company that can work in sales. You will then be involved in the marketing of a product or service, and you will be paid out of every percentage point of sale as a commission on behalf of the company. This method is one of the most commonly used methods, We have sites that make millions of dollars annually for the sale of other companies' products.

So the first thing you need to do is to identify the platform for your earnings. If you have a physical store selling goods, you can start selling. If you have a specialist or you can offer services, you can work in the field of services, and if you think you can have a site full of views, you can use ads. (Of course, the third method requires more time, because companies advertise on sites that have very high hits and reach the time visit). And if you think you can be a good marketer for other company products, selling partnerships can be a good platform for you.

Find a product or service

You may not currently be able to provide any of the above. What then you can do?

In this case, your first step is to try to find a quality product. And in this way, your first step in digital marketing education should be research in society and find a basic need for people. In fact, this is a strategy:

Finding a basic need in people and try to fix it by high quality product or service.

Marketing and Advertising
In a few steps we will go to more professional discussions. In fact, it is assumed that you have found your business strategy and also created your own site. But having a site with a great idea but without a visit is like having a great store but always closed.
Selling, selling, selling
The phrase "sale, sale, sale" is a phrase already from the book "Darren Hardy Maniacs" by Darren Hardy. In fact, after having a high-quality product in digital marketing, you should always be selling. Do not care about anything other than increasing sales (but always respecting ethics), but if you do not have any sales, none of your activities is beneficial and who wants to pay the office rent at the end of the month?
Our focus will be on the various online marketing techniques

Step 3 - SEO (Optimization for Search Engines)
Today, the word SEO for people interested in the field of online businesses is not a strange word and they all know about it. SEO is actually something you can do to show search engines (most notably Google) in search results related to your site's keywords in top results. It's easy to understand. You have a T-shirt online store. Do you think a few thousand people are searching for "buy t-shirts" or related phrases a month? Do you think that what happens if your site is in front of these users in all searches? It's natural that this issue can bring you hundreds and possibly thousands of sales a month.

SEO is one of the most fundamental factors in digital marketing, and certainly in a paragraphere, you can not even say the SEO alphabet, but you must make two important factors out of all SEO factors.

1- Content creation

Content creation is something that today can showcase your site at Google's perspective, an active site suitable for its search engines. In this way, we suggest that you do not look at content creation merely as a liability elimination, and it's really one of your main online content production activities. No matter how you can produce high quality content, both in the eyes of Google and in the eyes of users, you will become a high-quality site that can dramatically increase your revenue directly.

The future of digital marketing is video content.

When it comes to content creation, we all think about text content, but you should keep in mind that the future of digital marketing is video content. So, to succeed in this area, be sure to bring video content along with the production of text content.

2-Linking and promoting

From Google's point of view, the more relevant websites link to your site, the site is worth the introduction to others. In fact, this is the same. The more people offer your business to your friends, which means you are skilled in your work. The importance of backlinks is also given here. There are several ways to get the link that's certainly the most natural thing to do without doing anything! In fact, the normal mode is that your content should be so awesome that your people link to your site of interest! But maybe you're not so proud of me like me. However, sometimes we need to get used to ourselves, and linking is also one of those times.

The importance of SEO is not something that can be shown in one or two paraggravats, but I have written another article on SEO education that you can learn more about SEO education. (SEO Tutorial)

Step 4 - Banner Ads on Sites
You may have seen various banner ads on various sites. Banner advertising can be considered the first type of internet advertising. But the excesses that sites make in this area has reduced the impact of these types of ads day by day, and today, non-targeted banner ads can be considered one of the least influential types of internet advertising.
An unobtrusive banner advertising has made the users' minds vulnerable to seeing these advertisements, and today, even on sites, most of us do not see our ads, because we have seen so much of these ads that our minds are unconsciously, in most cases Filters

Effective Banner Advertising:
But banner advertising can also be effective if it is purposefully implemented. For example, if you have a decoration store, your banner is displayed on a movie download site, but if the same banner is placed on a site of decorative articles, its users will be targeted visitors to you. So if you want to use banner ads, find and advertise on the sites that are most visited. Of course, advertising on these specialized sites may be a bit expensive, but will lead you to targeted audiences.

Step 5 -Pay Per Click Advertising

Although some of these systems have created more targeted targeting by getting more cost-per-click, these targeting goals are not accurate and advertisers who choose to register their site in these systems will select a few targeted goals and may still be targeted Does not take place.

The next topic is cheating on these sites. Though the owners of the systems are trying to get some cheat by using methods such as identifying IPs or storing cookies, and … somehow they can not guarantee that there is no counterfeit in these systems and they are displayers who may It will circumvent these methods and continue to create false advertising costs for you by fraud.

The next issue is click price. On average, you should pay between 1 and 4 USD per click on these systems and in some cases even a higher price. This cost is due to the efficiency of these systems.

Best Practices for Using Pay per click Systems:
In my opinion, these systems can help you quickly get your branding, but if you have a little advertising budget or a small business, I do not think that you can get a good result at a low cost. I suggest using these systems if you are planning to have a quick branding and you want to start with at least an advertising budget of more than 10,000 USD.

Clicker systems have introduced a promotional method called native or equivalent advertising. In this way, it usually appears at the bottom of the content inside the ad cache. The cost of this kind of advertising is usually higher than the click advertising. However, given the different tests we've tested, it's possible to say that the performance of this kind of advertising is a bit better than banner advertising, but the principle of advertising is that advertising with a subject related to the page is displayed to the user.

How to use native ads:

Step 8 - Email Marketing
Always when we talk about email marketing, many people say email marketing is dead. In fact, with the question of how many of these people I realized, they have not had email marketing so far. Email marketing is one of the most important steps in digital marketing that all major Internet companies in the world have focused on.

People do not change their email easily. They may even change their phone number, but they will not change their email, and that is precisely why big companies have focused on it.

From today, you should make every effort that any user who logs into your site can email them in some way. For example, you can create a free product, such as e-books or a free video, and ask them to send email to them by sending plug-ins like ninja pop-ups when leaving the site to send them a book or video.

Marketing email helps you find customers who have a little interest in you and are ready to give you your email by persuading them to send their regular and professional emails to your business, services and products. Your true customers will become.

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