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If you want to Start from beginning of this article click here Principle of link building

What kind of backlinks do you need?

Once you've determined your linking strategy, you need to think about the types of backlinks you want to get. The following are some of the links you will most likely need:

The link to the home page, the link to shopı
Link to a partial page of the website (product, blog post, category), such as the link to
Link with your brand name encoding, such as Shop in home
Link to your current keyword tag, such as Freelance Service and Product Marketplace
Additionally, you can also receive combination of these several types of backlinks. Make a link to your website with your brand name.

In order to know which kind of these link your site requires, you need to analyze your site competitors and your current site's status.

For example, you should see what the situation is relative to your competitors in a series of keywords, or you can find out more about what anchor text you received backlink and ...

There are several tools to do this kind of analysis. One of the best of these tools is the Moz Link Explorer tool that we recommend using it. (You can read the complete tutorial on this tool in this article.)

The results of these analyzes and analyzes will help you make some improvements to your site's SEO status.

For example, among these analyzes, you'll find that you do not have a good ranking in any of your main keywords. When you look at the causes, you see that there are no quality links to that page at all, or you have not received a link to the keyword tag at that time!

So by analyzing, you can find such problems about the quality of your site's link building, so you can plan it well to fix it. For example, in this case, you should create a number of quality link backlinks for the keyword page, to get a good rating on your keyword.

Find the target websites to create a link backlinks

After analyzing your website and determining the type of backtesting links you need, the first thing you should think about is with whom you want to communicate and your links to which sites are to be recorded.

You must also make sure that you communicate with people who are interested in your content. If you communicate with people randomistically, your feedbacks will decrease significantly, and can also reduce your credibility and your website.

In other words, before you begin your linking campaign, you need to be absolutely clear about who might be interested in your activities and content.

For example, if you create a quality content, you should ask yourself who might be interested in this content, and more importantly, who might be so interested in linking to me.

The crucial thing is that it's easy for you to get people to see your content, but getting enough of them to link you is another matter and it can be very difficult!

Linking to a site and content requires review and time, and what you need to do is to facilitate and speed up these processes by employing clever techniques and techniques.

Another thing to keep in mind is that perhaps the website and the individual will not link to you, but your content still has the chance to be shared on that person's social networks! Because today there are all Telegrams and Instagrams or Linkedin but the website is not!

This makes content sharing on social networks much easier than linking to specific content.

How to persuade people to link us more easily?

You need to know if anyone is interested in it from the beginning of the content creation process or the linking magnet. Otherwise, a lot of your time and energy may be wasted for making and producing something that nobody wants to link to or even share!

In fact, the term "linking magnet" is the best phrase we can use, because in fact your content must act like a magnet and attract people and eventually create a backlink for itself.

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The following can all play the role of a magnet:

  • News
  • Funny and fun content
  • Spontaneous content
  • Visual and visual data
  • Games and soccer data
  • Ego-Bait content (we'll explain more about it)
  • Publish long content and reference
  • Many can act as magnet. The overall goal is to give a person a reason to get a link, and this is a magnet.

One of the strategies you can use is to check the target website and see if there is an external link on your site, which sites usually link to, what content is relevant to the webmaster's website, and ...

You can also search for his social networks, like Linkedin and Twitter, and see what content and links they share.

These methods help you find the general interests of the person (or people) and create a magnet in accordance with their interests within their content.

This way, the people's desire for linking to you or sharing your content increases.

Identify your audience.

Once you have come up with an idea for content creation and link magnification and you decide to implement it, you need to figure out who they are interested in and target your audience.

It's not hard at all, and with a few minutes of thinking it can be realized. For example, let's say a complete and comprehensive content called "Training 0 to 100 Work with IOS Operating System." It is natural that the following websites can be the right options for you:

Technology magazines
Mobile phone sales websites (countless!)
Mobile training websites
Web app introductions websites
And …

Now, it's easy to get a few things to our minds and it's time to look at each item more accurately and see if we really have the chance to link back from these websites.

In this section, we want to teach you a method and technique to help you convert these suggestions into a complete list of several websites.

Find the list of targeted websites

The easiest and first step to finding target websites is a simple search within Google. For example, search for "mobile sales"

This simple search gives you a long list of targeted websites.

Then you store all the websites in a list and examine each one separately to see if they have similar content related to your content, and if they are not relevant, they should be removed from the list.

Find Bloggers on Twitter

The Moz site also has another useful tool called FollowerWonk, in addition to the Link Explorer tool, which is useful for checking the site's SEO and checking back links.

This is a Twitter search tool. With the help of this tool, you can search Twitter profiles or in their posts and access other users with a wide range of target audiences.

Note that this tool, like the Link Explorer, is completely free and has limitations, but it can be used to the best of it.

In general, by searching for relevant keywords (here, "Mobile Sales"), we can create a list of profiles that are relevant to our goal, and if they have a website link in their profile, we will also add their website to our list.

In this way, we can access the number of more people in our FollowerWonk tool, which will lengthen our list for getting backlink.

Note that even if we can not get these backlinks, we can still make our content on their Twitter account making even more impressive and worthwhile! We can also use their feedbacks and comments.

Find Bloggers on Instagram

Instagram is the most popular social network among us and is also the second most popular social network in the world. So it's natural that many of the people we are looking for will also be active on the Instagram.

Though bloggers tend to work on Twitter worldwide that is good idea to find people in instagram which are active too.

That's why we continue to search for individuals and websites in addition to Twitter, on Instagram.
Unfortunately, no tool (either paid or free) to search the Instagram accounts there. That's why our only way is to use special queries on Google.

For example, if I want to search mobile websites that have an active instagram, I use the following query or query:

“cellphone sale”

With the help of this query, the search results only include the keywords that your keyword has in their bios. This way, you can find the list of many of your desired accounts.

It's time to either use the Instagram Direct to connect with them directly, or if they have a website (which is better to have a website!), Visit their website and find their contact information.

Advanced search
There are a number of different ways to find out Google. 99% of users write and search for a string of words. But you need to know that there are other ways in which you can get more accurate and more focused results.

One of these methods was the specific formula we used to use for the Instagram accounts.

Other examples include:

inurl: blog mobile sale

The query or this formula tells Google to only show the results that the blog phrase is in their URLs.

So all the results that are displayed to you are all part of the blog market of mobile sales. The positive thing about these results is that you've only found the ones that have an active blog section from among mobile sales websites and so it's likely that you can get quality blog links from their blogs.

You can also use the following formula:

Intitle: cooperation "Mobile Sales"

We combine two search formulas here. The first term "mobile sales" means that you only display pages that contain the word "mobile sales".

Also, the combination of the cooperation : intitle also means that only pages showing the cooperation term in the title of that page are exactly there.

Now with the help of this method, you can find mobile websites that have a part in the name of the partnership and you can ask them to write a guest post and get quality links to quality.

With the help of these 3 formulas, as well as other methods available, you can find more and more relevant websites, and in general you can create a valuable and long list of targeted websites with the help of all these methods.

But before you can connect with them, you need to do some more.

Find out more about persona for more information
If you want your feedback rate to be as high as possible, you need to spend more time on that, whether the websites you have found have the most relevance to you.

You can be sure of doing a series of activities. Doing things like checking out their websites, reading their articles, specifying what they like and what they do not like, their social networks, and the links they share more ...

For example, you should pay enough attention to them and see whether they share other people's content or just focus on their content? In fact, you should find evidence that they will share external content because that is what they are supposed to ask for.

So whenever you review a website, you need to collect some items about them and the content they are interested in and share.

This is a very necessary thing because it will require this information later to personalize the email and when it comes to contact with them; otherwise, you will send a pre-made email form that has not been customized at all, and is definitely a good result. You will not get it!

One of these techniques is the use of tools such as TagCrowd that tells you what words are most frequently used on this website. If you have English language goals, you can use it.

You can also search the website for a bit by checking whether they have linked to external websites. If they have not linked to any other website, it's
99% likely that they will not be interested in linking to your content too! So it's better to save time and stop it.

Find contact information

When you make sure that a website is relevant and that that website is really in your target group, you need to find the website administrator's contact information.

It usually does not take much time and can be done very quickly with the simple techniques we'll talk about.

Check the header and footer.

On most websites, if you look at the header and the font, you will find a link to the "Contact Us" or "Contact Us" page. But if there was not a page under this title, check out the "About Us" page, because it usually appears on this page for contact information.

For example, our website also has contact information on our page!

Use the tool.

The tool helps you quickly get email communications from a web page.

Note that the tool in your free version only allows you to search 100 websites. So use this tool only if you could not find the email on different pages.

Prioritize your linking goals.

At this point, you probably have to have a long list of goals for the link.

An extraordinary step is to categorize and prioritize your list. With the help of this category, you can personalize emails and get the most out of them.

There are several ways to prioritize the goal of linking:

Based on SEO parameters, such as Domain Authority and Page Rank
Based on the Influencer person's influence, for example, based on the number of Instagram follower
Based on the possibility of backlinks, for example, the closer you have a closer connection, the more likely your backlink will be.
Let's look at these things in more detail:

Seo domain parameters

We talked about the SEO parameters in Section 3 and, as mentioned, these parameters can determine the strength of our links.

There are two main parameters that can be a good benchmark for filtering your linking goals: Damien Aurritti and Page Rank

Once you set these parameters to all the websites inside your listing, you need to arrange them from a high to low order. If you have a large number of websites on your list, you can delete those who have little credit (or at least do not worry about them in the first place).

For example, you can first arrange all sites based on the page rank and delete sites that have the page rank below 1 or if you have too many listings, delete the pages which has page rank below 2. Then, in the next step, re-order based on domain authority, as an example, remove sites that have a domain authority less than 20 or 30.

Of course, the numbers mentioned in this example are by no means the definitive rule! You need to decide on the current validity of your site and you may also need sites that have Damien Aurritity 10!

But the whole story is that you have to do your best to limit your listing to a small number of super-quality websites. Because focusing on a small number of super-quality websites can give you more feedback and more results.

Effectiveness of Influencers

When you create a link magnifier, you should not spend all your concentration on link building! Even if you can not get a website or a backtracker, you might be able to do a little bit of effort to get them to share your content on their social networks, and thus attract traffic to your website.

Now, if we want to attract the most visitors, we need to have influential people, in other words, our affiliates, to share our content on their social networks.

It's enough to just share an inflorescence of your content, then a huge stream of traffic and visitors to your website will be sent, and even the influencers of the Influencer will even re-share your content.

So if a blog or site does not have much value in terms of Domain Authority and Page Rank, then just do not delete them from your list! Before that, you need to check social media signals and status of these websites. Do they have a lot of followers and shares on social networks and if so, use them in your benefit.

To determine this, again, you need to check the social networks of each accounts and main other influencers of that particular account. and check the status of their followers.

We previously introduced the FollowerWonk tool. This tool also offers additional information along with the ability to search Twitter profile bio. For example, you can see how many people have a Follow or their Social Authority rating (SA).

So you can arrange your list again based on the score of the Influencer or SA and certainly each of the higher scores is your first priority. The reason is that it can share your content with so many people who are almost entirely affected by that person.

The possibility of getting backlinks

All the tools we introduced here helped us determine a series of quantitative parameters and, with the help of them, we could arrange and prioritize our list. But as for the possibility of getting a link from a site, no tool can help us!

This is the only thing we need to know about ourselves.

To know this, you can score from 1 to 5 each website, and each website that is most likely to be able to get link from it as score 5 and lower score for lower probability.

Prioritize the final list

Finally, with the help of the methods described, we arranged our list according to priority. Now we have a list of websites that:

  • The likelihood of linking to us is a lot.
  • Has a great domain authority and SEO reputation.
  • Number of followers on social networks.

These are the websites that we need to communicate with them first and we need to be careful that the emails we send are highly personalized.

In order for us to send personalized emails to them, it's best to go back to their website and extract a series of clues and point them in the text of the message.

This makes our message look much more realistic (which is, of course!)

There's a lot of fun, and it's that these websites have great power to promote your content. Indeed, other websites are mostly aware of the content and content of these websites and they are tracking them. So with this, without having to call, your content is exposed to more websites.

Now that you have clues about each individual or any website and you can send personalized emails to them, it's time to get in touch with these people and websites.

Communicating (OUTREACH)

At this point, we should discuss the contents and the linkage magnet of our link with others.

You need to start with the top priorities of your list, which is a great value website, because not only will you receive backlinks to quality links, but you can also use them as your success story against low web sites. Use more importantly!

In fact, when smaller websites (which are less prioritized to you) can see that some infliers and large websites have liked your content and shared it, it's likely that if you communicate with them, Give you a positive answer, it gets bigger.

You communicate with a real person.
No machine or device behind a website!

Behind the scenes of every website, there is a real and real person who, if he has a well-known website, is likely to receive a huge amount of email daily for backlinks! That's why you need to prove to him that you are not a spammer and you do not send emails to him!

The best way to send the best message text to the webmaster is to think a little bit about yourself. Suppose you've seen that person in the real world, how do you talk to him? It's natural that you will have a real conversation with him, not a preset conversation with other people ...

Also, keep in mind that no blogger or webmaster has started his day with the statement that "Well, today I'll give who a quick link!" They do not have any plans to link to you and have many tasks and busıness that almost all of these tasks have prioritıty to your offer!

That's why you should not expect your people to prefer everything! It's your job to prove to them that you have the time and attention.

If talking about your content with real people worries you, it's best to go back and check your content and see if this content really has the value of sharing! A false sense of trust is not good, but you have to be as confident as you and your content, and believe that people will respond to you well.

If this trust is not there, your content is unlikely to have high value and quality!

How to write your message text?

Keep in mind that the people you want to communicate with are likely to be very involved, and even if they have a lot of famous websites and favs, they may even be more likely to be involved.

The text of your message should be sufficiently convincing and point to the necessary details and can give a reason to the other person to spend time on your content.

At the same time, the text of the message should be short so that everyone reads it and is not tedious, otherwise it may erase the message!

There are a few points that you should pay attention to when writing a message:

Give them a reason why they should pay attention to you and your message.
Tell them what kind of action they are asking for.
Show that you are a real person and not a sperm!
Let's look at these things a little bit more precisely;

Specify your linkage magnet within the content.

Writing a text message At this point in the implementation of the linking or linking campaign, it should not be hard for you, because as you said earlier, you should think of the moment you want to create your own linking magnet!

From the beginning, when you start to produce content, you need to know what kind of content in your content makes people interested in that time.

The following are some of the magnetics that can increase the likelihood of your content getting in touch;

Fun and fun content
Comparisons and reviews
Ego-Bait content
Skyscraper content or SkyScraper
And …
You have to check and see which of the above items has magnet inside your content? Of course, if none of the above items are found in your content, do not worry! There are certainly other things that can increase the likelihood of your content getting backlınk.

Bloggers and managers of the websites which you want to communicate with them are likely to be very active in your area of ​​work and activity. So they can recognize the magnet of your content and find which part of your content is valuable and important for them.

Personalize the message text.

Another way to spend time for you and your content is to do that! Check out their time and website and check their posts.

Also, if it is possible to find a link between your posts and your content, the person most interested in will review your content.

For example, if you want to communicate with a SEO specialist and you know that he is heavily interested in Brian Dean's content and you've talked about Brian dean in his content, you can mention in his message: " Because of your interest in Brian, I think this content is your favorite! »

In this way, you not only give the person a reason to spend time on your message and content, but you can prove to him that you have time to read his website.

If you do not use these solutions and simply send a simple email without personalization, it seems that your email is a pre-prepared text and is sent to a large number of people and therefore will not be good at any point.

Make your request clear.

All the emails you send during your linking and linking processes are about what you want from the other person. But most people are afraid of linking to the email! Imagine that the other person will quickly erase or spam emails by seeing such a word!

But this is an extraordinary thing, and we have to tell the other person exactly what we want from him!

Sometimes the topic may not just be linking! In fact, our goal could be one of the following:

  • Share content on social networks
  • Insert content within the content of the target website (usually this is the case for photographs and infographics)
  • Accept your guest post
  • Write a comment about you and link to you
  • And …

These are just a few of the options that are available to you, and you can request one from the webmaster or blogger. Of course, each of these has its own limitations.

For example, suppose a blogger has published a high-quality content. Perhaps if you ask him to link you, he does not do this for some reason, but you can ask him to share your content on social networks, and this is far easier and more likely to be done.

Use the name of the opposite person.

It's very easy to find and use the name of a person, but nonetheless, many people refuse to implement this method!

Inserting a person's name in the email text can make a lot of difference in the behavior of the recipient, and it will give you enough attention to your email and your content.

To find the manager's name for a website or a blog, it's enough to be careful about the following:

Check our "About Us" page.
Check the author name below for blog posts.
Take a closer look at their social network accounts and see if there's a name for the person you are looking for.
Also, with the help of related tools and plugins (for example, in Gmail) you can find out more about the emails of the person you are looking for.
If you did all of this, but you still could not find the name of the other person, you can use terms like "Hello, my dear friend".

Be careful not to use terms like "Hello Webmaster!" Or "Hello", because these phrases are widely used by spammers and you definitely do not want to be one of them!

Use a good title.

The first thing every person sees from your email is the name and email of your email, and naturally the title is of utmost importance. If the title is not appealing enough or in a way that does not suit the individual, it's unlikely that the unread email will be erased or spam, and this is the worst fate that can be e-mailed to you!

If your email does not have a good title, since people may not even bother reading it, so you even miss the opportunity to chat with them and you can not get feedback from them ...

Another bad thing is that if your email is spammed by a large number of people, it does not go to Inbox for the rest of the people and goes directly to the Spam folder. It's natural that many people do not check this folder, and even if they check and see your email, they will not pay much attention to that email.

To write a proper title, there are several solutions that we've mentioned below:

Short email title.
Go straight to the main point!
List the other party's website name.
Mention a specific item about their website.
Do not use words and phrases such as "Request Link" or "Link Exchange".
If you need more study in this area, I would recommend reading two articles from HubSpot and Smart Insight sites. These two articles will help you in choosing a proper title for your emails.

Refer to a specific topic about them.

If you want to write your email in such a way that someone does not imagine that this is a predefined email, it is very necessary to do this.

In this method, you should find a topic and a specific item about the website or its manager and mention it in your email. When you bring such a case in the text of your message, it means that you have spent time for the individual and his website and after several studies, you have contacted him.

Another advantage of this method is that you can give yourself something intangible when you say something about him, and the technique will give him reason to give you and your content an importance.

To implement this method, you can use some of the following solutions:

Take a look at the titles of their recent posts on their website.
Take a look at their tweets and recent rituals on Twitter. (Or their posts on other social networks)
Take a look at the comments posted on their posts.
Take a look at our "About Us" page so you can probably find the personal interests of the webmaster.
Take a look at their social profiles on social networks.
And …
All of these can give you valuable information about the person blogger or webmaster and you can use them in your message text.

For example, the following text is a very good example of the way we talked about:

Hi ;

I noticed that you are very persistent with Brian Dean's content from the Backlinko website and you will share most of his articles on your social media networks. It's perfectly clear that Brian's content is unique, and so content is very valuable to the web.
So I thought to myself that you might be interested in this reference: "Comprehensive Link Building Bonding Training"
I'm glad to take a look at this article and tell me what you think about it.

When you write your message in this way, it does not seem spam at all because you've talked about something, and naturally, no automated emailing system is so smart!

In addition, when you talk about the individual's personal interests, it means that you know him well!

Use a real and official email address.

There is some disagreement about this. Some experts say if you want to improve your SEO and get backlinks to your customer, then it's better to use your client's email address instead of email to your organization and organization.

So suppose you want to run the Binding Link Campaign for Shopinhome. In this case, it's best to use the email address of [email protected] to [email protected]

The reason is that some SEO experts say the use of email optimization and SEO is not good, and the recipient can erase the email very quickly if they see the name of an SEO company.

Of course, others also believe that when communicating, they should use their company's corporate e-mail and have not reported any bad experiences in this regard.

So this is not a rule of law and depends on your person.

You should see which item will have the highest returns over time. But use the customer's email first priority and, if that's not possible, use your regular email. But from whatever you use, try to name your email address.

Another point to be reminded here is that do not use free email services such as Gmail, Yahoo, or Hotmail. Unfortunately, spammers use the benefits of these services, and if you also use these services, it can give the recipient a signal that the email is spam.

Use a proper signature in the email.

This technique is also very simple and does not take much time. Just insert a proper signature at the bottom of all your emails.

This signature can include:

Your name and surname
Your job title
Your website address
Your contact number
Your social networking accounts
This method is another signal to the recipient and emphasizes the fact that you are a real person. With the help of this method, the person who receives your website and your social network profile can even contact you.

But the main thing is that no spammer does it!

Use your address. (If needed)

Usually, the opportunity to use this technique does not come a long way, but if you could do it and use it, it's very effective in showing you as a real person, and it can even create a Good relationship between you and the individual.

But how to use it?

Suppose you want to connect with a blogger and he lives in the same city. Do not hesitate to do this, and be sure to mention your address. Note the following:

I wrote an article about 100 tourist attractions in New York and I liked to share it with people who live in New York, like you, and share their views. Also, if you were interested, I'd be happy to share it with your site users.

Maybe it's not believable but inviting the other person for a cup of coffee for building relationship techniques works great and recommended by specialists who work too much in white hats! In this case, it is unlikely to ask him to link you and he will refuse!

But this moves online business to the offline world, and we do not really agree with this approach. (Of course, if you want to do this, do not forbid!)

Instead of this move, you can find several other people who work in your business and are on the list of goals for your Building link, and most importantly in your city, and arrange for exchanges of information and dialogue.

If you can not arrange yourself for a period, then look for events and events that take place around the city. If you are unable to create event you can join other events which held in similar categories in city.

In these events, you can also find people who have the potential to fit into the list of your linking goals, and you can invite your own people to this period and talk to each other more.

It also helps build friendly relationships, brings you closer to your brand, and can help you achieve other goals.

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