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Recently while at the grocery store I started to take notice of how the majority of organic food packaging is beautifully designed. The bold graphics, stylish text and use of organic materials to package the products really catches the eye – all wonderful! This type of packing really makes you want to pick up the product, touch it and analyze the beauty of the packaging – and more importantly it really makes me want to purchase the product. But it also got me wondering…

Why is organic food packaging better designed than most non?
I brought up the question on Twitter to see what other designers thought of this and a few responses peaked my curiosity:

@joshwayne: Because most organic food companies have a commitment to quality for packaging of their product as well as what’s inside.
@iamnewmedia Because organic is typically a premium product and the target audience needs to see the difference in the purchasing experience.
@aliveasart: Organic food isn’t exactly cheap, and people tend to pay more (than usual) for products that look nice. Just a hunch.
Why the argument could go back and forth about why, one of the more important responses I received was more focused on the effects of such beautiful design:

@nikibrown: their packaging always makes me want to buy it just because it’s so damn pretty… and I don’t even go for that stuff.
So I leave you with the question, Why aren’t the majority of other companies using these techniques to sell their products? Not to say that other non-organic products don’t have good packaging but I would say 80 percent of organic packing has stellar designs – even their websites are beautiful. Check them out below:

Enriching Organic Company Websites & Product Designs

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