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If you value the flexible timetable in your work style as well as relative freedom greater than fixed low but secure income, then working as freelancer is designed for you. In this article I will provide you useful tips on exactly how to find freelance job in Shop in home website which is a marketplace for both companies and individuals from buyer side and skilled and talented service providers as seller side who are willing to provide you competitive freelance tasks in both aspect of quantity and quality. Shop in home is getting very small commission rate around 5%  from both buyer and seller so the price is great for adding value to customer.

As a rule of nature, individuals who use imaginative mentality in daily bases (Freelance writer, web developers, visuals effects, graphic designing or any type of service that they use imagination specialists) find it hard to adopt themselves to the workplace rules and theme. Ideas doesn't come by classical working. You may get great idea when you are at pool or sauna; that is just flashes your mind to fly and check possibilities from impossible things and all of a sudden bang new idea comes to the mind. And also, you may need to trial your idea on paper and create an sketch of this idea while it is still new in your mind. Is this If this is your style of work then here we go:

Exactly how you can hunt a freelance project and obtain as you promised? There are lots of websites where freelancers can get a job, we will introduce of the new one which make different and bring great value to both freelance and Employer (Taskmaster) in detail as below. Nonetheless, it can be hard to get excellent income jobs on these types of freelancer websites as same as if you don't have a eye catching portfolio,  which make it difficult to catch any buyer of your services.

Start freelancing

Below is No.1 guild on how to get freelance projects from Shop in home freelancing website.
Learn about your specific niche and find out possible clients of you, Imagine they are visiting your profile page and finding out your products and services.

Creating Profile

By visiting and clicking on "join us" button you will be able to join this sales network with 5 method of login. You can login with providing email and confirming that email as first step.

Also you can log in with one click logging from other social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google account. That is easy and straightforward.

Next you login to your dashboard and have to complete your profile.
Here you have free page for your products and services and which you can show your contact information and products and services for sell.

You can set your company or your name, your motto and slogan, City for local SEO in top side of your profile.

Right side you can provide your email, telephone number, language you can service, country you are in.

You have to provide at least one method of payment gateway. from PayPal, Payza, Escrow, Payoneer or Webmoney.

Description part is very important. It must has at least 200 words or more. You have to write down all about yourself as micro resume. You can write about why you are here, your professionalism and success score.

Adding Product or Service

Now you set your profile and you are ready to add your first service.
Your profile link should be something like .
You can add your first service by setting good title for it.

Good title means visitor can understand what you provide in short possible way. Using your service keywords in your title is key important in selling your service.
Next upload at least one image which can grab eyes.
Using highlighted points of your service as items. Use colour and font in moderate way and do not exaggerate on it.

Describe your service to customer

Your Service description is the part about what you want to tell to your customer when they visiting your service. Confidence about what you provide is important. You are going to sell yourself and adding value to customer in promise. If they do not believe you and your story does not sound good they will never buy it.

Be a good story teller and emphasize on benefits and advantage as well as informing them about the negative aspects. Itemize positive points is important in decision making. Insure your visitor about your quality of service and bring them more that what you promised.

You are presenting yourself and in showroom there are your services listed. Sharing your link in social media will be helpful if you want to send your product card try Crowdell. Visit your friends and talk about your service and share the lınk of your profıle wıth them. Here you can use Crowd sell app as a way to share your products. Getting power of crowed sell app and your social media accounts it become easy for you to inform your network. Getting them to know about new products was never been that easy.


Setting wised price and descriptive service is key important. Getting help of shopinhome platform and marketing app tool prepare you to start your virtual office free of charge. Plus you get almost all your hard earned payment in your account.

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