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Link building on Wikipedia means linking to one of the most reputable websites in the world! If only a Wikipedia link bug is given to your site, a tremendous amount will be added to it!

Although this website is very credible and very sensitive to link bites, it's not that hard to get a link from, because I could easily get a link back in one day!

So if you want to learn how to link up on Wikipedia, this article is the best option for you.

So be sure to read this article carefully and carefully !!

Importance and value of linking in Wikipedia
The importance and value of hyperlinking in Wikipedia is superb and, in my opinion, comparable to less web site!

You probably have read the article on linking in rude. I said that linking on this social network is worth a lot because Damien Auriti is 97, and I think it's worth at least 20 times the rank! Even though there are links to Ralph and Wikipedia! (The result: Damien Aurritti and Falou / Nufalo are not all!)

Why is Wikipedia so valuable?
Now, I want to tell you the reasons for the extraordinary high cost of Wikipedia:

Extremely large and long content
No copy content (if you have copy content, link to source)
Extremely powerful internal linking!
High CTR in all areas (due to brand building and user trust)
Low jump rates (due to the relationship of content between pages and directing users to different pages)
Lots of Page / Session (due to the content link between pages and the directing of users to different pages)
Extremely low external links (compared to internal linking)
So with the above, we find that Wikipedia has a tremendous amount of internal and external SEOs, as well as extra external or OutBound links! This makes each backlink generated an extraordinary value.

Understanding the importance of generating strong reference content?

In fact, all the time, energy and the cost of producing such content are easily compensated.

Here you will need a reference content to link to Wikipedia. So, if you do not, start creating such content as soon as possible!

The usual way to get a Wikipedia link
So far, we've reviewed the importance, value, and pre-requisites for getting Wikipedia links. We now want to examine the practical way of doing this together. So, stay tuned!

Let's make it easier for you to imagine, if you've reached this stage, know how to link up on Wikipedia is very simple!

Since Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia and has a lot of editors and managers, and every second they edit and improve their articles, many people think editing Wikipedia articles is difficult and not possible!

Yes that's right! Editing Wikipedia articles is hard for the wrecker! But for you, no matter what I said!

You can, for example, create an account and go and edit an item that is about Iran, and erase half of it. Do not hesitate to miss the rest of the content!

But go now and write another paragraph about Iran, in a field that has never been written about. Be sure your content is registered, do not hesitate.

The way we work is the same. As I said in the previous section, your goal should be to help improve Wikipedia content. We're not going to put our own marketing link and link into our wikipedia space, and just infect this valuable space just for making some backlinks.

We produced valuable content and reference that few people in our field could write like that (or better than that!) And naturally linking the article to this content has no problem! Because the reader of Wikipedia articles can follow the links to your site more easily if they are interested in it and they will come across a great content!

So I summarize the general approach:

After generating meaningful and valuable content, look for related Wikipedia articles and easily link to external links.


Tricks for making link bugs on Wikipedia
In the previous section, we looked at the general method of building a link link in Wikipedia and saw that it was a very simple task. But there are a few tips and tricks that you can do to increase the link building effect on Wikipedia, create more links or even drop the same 1% risk of linking to this site!

Be with me ..

1) Wikipedia Wikipedia articles
In Wikipedia, articles that merely contain one or more lines of definition about a topic are called microproblems.

Such articles, as Wikipedia declares, is wise and short, and will ask you to edit and expand it.

This is a great opportunity for you!

You can find articles that are wise and relevant to your reference content and improve it. Add a few subcategories, write 500 600 words (or even more!), Add a photo to it, and finally put your content link as a reference.

Try to add the content that you've added to this article in your reference content.

In this way, you not only have helped spread the Wikipedia article and raised your credibility, but also linked to an external page of the link, and there is no problem with that.

2) Articles require confirmation
Some pages in Wikipedia, especially the Persian Wikipedia, need to be verified. They need a source and reference to confirm the content of these articles.

Fortunately, Wikipedia itself again announces that it will document this page and refer to the appropriate resources! Note that the source can be one of the other Wikipedia articles as well as an external site.

Since Wikipedia itself has been asking for a link to a source and reference, so these pages are the safest pages for creating a link in Wikipedia. If you have generated the same reference content that I've been saying, 0% is likely to link Remove you!

3) Improve internal linking of wikipedia
Wikipedia links are valuable on their own, but they can still be worth more!


Help with internal linking!

For example, if you create a link to the "Internet Marketing" page, try to link to this page from different Wikipedia pages. This will increase the credibility and worth of the page, and its page review will go up. As a result, the value of the link to your site is also increased!

The more interesting thing is that this method is not dangerous at all and it is just enough to repeat it whenever the word has been repeated, edit it and become an internal link!

4) Black hat linking!
Linking to Wikipedia, though it's done by ourselves, but I think it's quite a white hat, because Wikipedia itself can identify those who merely intend to link bindings and delete their links. So there is virtually no spam link on this site.

But we can make a bit gray (!) And multi-node black hat linking.

Buy a link for a page of Wikipedia that you are referring to!

Wikipedia is a fantastic site, so if you buy one million bucks a link, it does not happen because it has proven itself to Google.

My recommendation is to buy a 100-bcc link for every page of Wikipedia that has your link. This will increase page reputation and page value and result in more value for your site.

To buy backlinks for your blog, visit the site and select one of the packages. click.

5) Beware again!
True, our work is perfectly correct and error-free, but sometimes we need to be careful, because a series of tasks in Wikipedia may be done by the robot.

For example, if you edit 5 content in succession and place your site link in all of them, then perhaps a series of robots that we do not know whether there is a repetitive and spamming process!

Or in some cases, if we only add that link to the content without editing it and repeat it a few times, it may be a spam movement.

So avoid doing such moves and try to edit the content sometimes without linking, even if you feel that your sitelink has to be in the resource section.

A Wrong Thought About Wikipedia
There is a misconception about Wikipedia that I want to address in this section.

That is wrong thinking:

For linking in Wikipedia, it should be useful for a long time without eyes!

When one has such an idea, it means that he doubts himself, or rather, he is confident that he wants to sabotage !!

At the beginning I told you, you should be responsible to Wikipedia. You should work with the goal of promoting this scientific space and do not always think about linking and linking it.

That's why when someone enters Wikipedia with the sole purpose of linking the Bilding, he has to only have a long useful life because he wants to have a spam activity one day.

Be aware of this and be sure that you have a valuable and valuable activity, be sure to create a quality link unnecessarily and get your Wikipedia account!

Instead, if we treat it a little bit, then put our useful activity first, we can make a link from the very first day.

The same day I created my account on Wikipedia, the same day I created 2 links to the link and now, after a month, it still remains a link, and it will certainly not be deleted because it does nothing wrong with any of my steps. I have not been

It's true that I made a link to myself, but instead, I made a short article to several thousand words and linked to a page that itself has 30,000 words of valuable content!

Where is my work spam?

Wikipedia is an extremely valid site, and it's extremely effective to link it, even with the knowledge that its links are nocturnal.

To get a link from Wikipedia, you need to create a high quality reference content. You should then look for related articles in Wikipedia and register your site link in the resource section to improve the content of Wikipedia.

For more effectiveness, you can find and improve Wikipedia's troublesome pages, such as pages or pages that require verification, and then create a link. This will increase the confidence of Wikipedia.

You can also multiply the effect of your links by using techniques such as the internal binding padding or the black hat padding link!

It's your turn ...
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