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Because trust is important in emotional marketing, it is difficult for a customer to buy if the customer does not trust. The price of a resource is limited in humans and we do not want to produce a product that is worth it, but if the seller Trust is different.


Dependency is an emotion that can turn your fans into a supporter. Every person likes to feel that he or she depends on something. This may depend on the family, the group, the club, and so on. To help customers Get lots and get fans who buy any product you like and in addition to the clothes that you wear, your brand is your logo. You need to create a sense of community and dependency on your customers.

Story telling:

The story can be an excellent message for communication and it will keep the audience in the mood. They can help stimulate your emotions and cause the contact button to click on under your email.

Hope for the impact of emotional marketing

If you can create hope in emotional marketing, your brand has worked well. We look for business in business and they can give us what we want. When we choose a product, what We hope that we will be able to meet our needs. It's very natural that you allow your customers to be aware that they can solve their hopes.

You can use campaigns that show stories that a customer has had in his life after having bought your product. Copywriting can also be used to convince your audience that there is hope for resolution. They have problems and they are in your product.


Curiosity is a sensation of our needs so that we can retrieve information and learn about anything. Cognition is an emotion that is used for marketing purposes. Cognitive is to get information. This is precisely the point. Recommended in email campaigns.

To stimulate your stimuli, you must surprise your audience with unexpected information. We humans are looking for a pattern, and when we see that patterns break down what we want, our attention is drawn to it. When we want to write the title of your email and post, we need to look at the driver of curiosity in the audience.

Attracting to long-term goals

In order to understand the effectiveness of emotional marketing, your customers can be attracted to your long-term goals. This means getting your brain right. Your email means that your customers In the long run.

Audiences should trust you before they are convinced by your promises. So no matter what you say. If you do not trust the customer first, even if your customers know that your product is a great solution to their needs. If your customers are not excited, they will not buy your product.

That is why when you are absorbed by emotional methods, logical methods are more appealing, because if you can convince both the emotions and the logic they have a lot of logical reasons to go back.

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