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SEO is a subset of Digital Marketing. If you are in Internet business or interested in the topics that relate to it, you will inevitably need to learn this topic.

SEO is the word for Search Engine Optimization, but very often use the word SEO. Let's take a look at the statistics:

The world's people use search engines to drive up to seven billion times a day.

Nearly 80% of those who search for any keywords do not pay attention to advertisements by search engines such as Google.

The user who clicks on the link in the search engine will log in to your site. If we want to compare it with traditional marketing in person, it will not cost much to create a customer.

According to published statistics, Google, Yahoo and Bing have the main market of search engines, among which Google is far above two other competitors from having a lot of users, and so long as there is no change in search engines, we must accept that Google can not be separated from SEO.

Sometimes people who are not familiar with the concept of SEO think that SEO can replace advertising and marketing. But you should note that if you take into account SEO principles and if you do it in an accurate and practical way, it's a hard work It is expensive and time consuming. If a website wants to have a good status in the search results, then there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Development of principled content and not copy
  • Keep the past to keep up to date with new information
  • To create a sense of satisfaction in users
  • Persuade users to stay on your website for a long time

All of the above mentioned costs are high and you should always spend some time on it.

Another topic discussed in SEO is the talk of the white hat and black hat. In short, Seo White Hat tries to introduce a good content with a great shape for Google and the rest of the search engines. The perfect way to do SEO is that you can not do it overnight, and you need to have time to work on your site, but Google will trust you. But Black Hat SEO is trying to identify the limitations of the SEO algorithm and weaknesses and optimize the site in a way that gains a good rating on Google. But with smart algorithms, this method fails and the space for this The cues will be tighter.

To some extent, everyone knows this is the best way to get into a search engine site. Being familiar with SEO and its philosophy is not unique to site designers and programmers, especially given that search algorithms have been developed and It's more intelligent. In general, everyone who works directly or indirectly on a business website needs to be familiar with the principles and logic of SEO.

In general, this is the start and you need to work hard to become professional, but do not worry too much because there are a lot of service providers that will guide you in principle. It will help you to create valuable content for your affiliate and translate your site in different languages ​​to a user-friendly and fast website design. We will help you to create links inside and outside the site and you can use the information provided to you. Be professional

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