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In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of content strategy in Instagram. You might have heard this statement over and over again that the content is king. It's true that this is true of the Fallover Instagram enhancement. Instagram, unlike other social networks, is full content-based. That is, before you should consider the marketing strategy, you should consider the content strategy.

So far, more than 40 billion photos have been placed on the Instagram. You should see what distinguishes you from the rest. More sales require more clarity. Your feeds become customers, so no matter how big your favs are. Your sales will be higher. To increase your fools, you need to constantly work on your content so that you can catch the attention of your audience.

When you post on Instagram, the quality and integrity of the queen. Be sure to post every day. You should treat Instagram as a newspaper and focus on providing fresh and high quality content.

Photos and albums

The most common form of content on the Instagram is the album and the photo. Intagram is an application that you can share in different sizes of your photos. In the first place, the size of the standard photo on the Instagram is the square size and the other size The long size is ideal for portrait portraiture. In both sample images, it's best to use the image to have the highest quality.

You can send photos individually or in multiples at different times in the form of an album, that is, you can, for example, put a few pictures in a single post and your audience will see them all. The album can be a good way to expand. Give a single focus point and it depends on you and you can use it.

The video

After Twitter has gained popularity. Instagram added its video content to your own program. You can upload any video for a minute and you can unzip it and upload it to the same album.

Just like a photo, you can put a filter on videos, for example, interrupting the sound. In addition, you can put a photo from the video on the post cover, like photos, you can also publish the video with the post. It's more fun with the video. Creating good visual content is also good for advertising and marketing, and it helps those who are proud to know your time and effort to create good content and make you as a Brand know.

instagram story - Content Production Strategy and Instagram Marketing
Instagram Story


Instagram is a good place to work, because every time you insert a story on the Instagram, it's at the top of your users page, and so your audience will not miss anything. Everything you do more in the past, your active flashcards The new features added to the Instagram allow you to generate and publish more engaging content.

instagram IGTV 630x630 - Content Production Strategy and Instagram Marketing
Instagram IGTV


The new feature added to Instagram is IGTV. In this section, you can upload videos that are longer and your audience can post comments. Some people believe that IGTV on Instagram has a new location for Playing the TV show is because there are a lot of active apps on the Instagram that put your videos here. So take a look at this place.

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