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1- Carbohydrates: regenerating sugars that make up more than 20% of the weight of saffron, such as glucose, mesothelioma, glucose and و

2- Minerals: including K2O, NA2O-P2O2-CL2

3- Vitamins: such as vitamin B1 and riboflavin B2

4- Fat: such as Stigma sterol, Captastrol

Pigments: Contains fat-soluble carotenoids such as leucine a-carotene and b-carotene, and water-soluble carotenoids such as crocin and anthocyanin. Crocin crocin is the main cause of saffron yellow color with the formula C44 H64 O24 and the percentage of this substance during flowering varies between 1.9 to 15%.

6- Glycorrand picrocrocin: Glycord is colorless, which causes the bitter taste of saffron with the formula C16 H26 O7 and melting point of 156 degrees Celsius, which in fresh saffron contains about 4% glycorcate.

7- Essential oils: It is the aroma and aroma factor in safranal saffron, which is the main compound in volatile oils with the formula C10 H16.


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